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~Guess I am buy those twizzlers again even though I vowed never to again after an "incident" last year!!

~Thanks for the inspiration xx


I love that little writing "you are a treasure!" That is the sweetest thing EVER!!! I'm bad about using candy--- I do it too much--- but I just can't resist all the COLOR!!!!! But I'm going to have to this next year!! :):) I'm going to check out your ROY G BIV link--- I bet my kids will LOVE IT! Happy St. Paddy's Day!


This is great. And here I thought you MADE those chocolates. :) This is so clever though. Love it.


Just made 4 jars of this tonight with my kids - thanks for the ADORABLE idea!!! Perfect for the preschool teachers.


that is so cute! I'm going to check for rainbow twizzlers tomorrow!!


what a great idea!! i may have to make some tonight!

Rachel M

What a cute idea! I think we'll to make a couple to take to nana and daddy at their respective work tomorrow... maybe with skittles on bottom instead of twizzlers. A plethora of canning jars around this joint as well.

Rachel M

And might I just add: ROOOOOLOOOOOS... mmmmmm!


i'm with you on that one, rachel. nom!

UK lass in US

I think I might just skip the twizzlers and go straight for the gold - I love Rolos (although the English versions are a little bit better than those found in the States...)

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