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I've never considered a feather boa to decorate with... but that wreath is pretty amazing. I may just reconsider!

Rachel Denbow

Not even joking...I have a straw wreath waiting on the white boa. Your girls and I are drinking the same water!

heather hales


I was just at a craft fair over the weekend and there was a seller who was using a PINK feathered Christmas tree in her booth- so CUTE. I decided I needed to have more feathers as part of my decorations and I think this is the ticket!


yay! i want to see it when its done, heather! xoxo


great minds, ladykins! xoxo


it surprised mehow much i love it, amanda. even the hub thought
it was awesome!


Oh I love this wreath! You are brilliant! I get so excited over making a special wreath for each season. I think I am going to have to find myself some white boas. How fun!

Also, I have been admiring your "Pocket Tissue Packs". I plan on attempting to make that as well. Yours are so cute! Thank you for posting both of these!


it's so fluffy and cuddly and white! i'm even tempted to add lights and glitter. ; )

Amy Herbst (Herbst Handmade)

Love the dark/light contrast. So fun!


So unexpected...LOVE it!

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