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Anne Marie

Sounds yummylicious!

I love visiting grocery stores in th US and visit the baking isle, with lots of cake and cookie decorations that we don't have here, and colour for frostings (here it is easy to find red, green and yellow, but other colours are difficult to find).

Anyhow: looks delicious!


you can do it, too anne-marie! i just used food coloring in white buttercream frosting to get the different colors. xoxo

Rachel M

YUM. The ton of frosting is the best. I've never had a good "those cookies" or sugar cookie recipe, because growing up I never really liked this kind and they're not really my fave now either. BUT, you find that, on occasion, you need this cookie. Glad to have this in my cookie arsenal now! Thanks!


Okay, I want to make those cookies. One question: is the butter at room temperature or cold? I may have to steal your decorating idea too. Thanks.


hi tara,

butter was room temp - thanks for asking. have fun decorating. we made them for a 4th of july party and frosted them white, then all the kids at the party decorated their own cookies with red, white + blue candies. xoxo


oh rachel, they are not too sweet - i even like them completely plain, unfrosted (gasp!) with a cup of coffee. which reminds me...



Yes, I know those cookies. An old roommate and I used to call them lard cookies. But these don't seem so bad!

I'm new to your blog and just in love with everything you do. I'm also amazed that you have time to do anything with two (beautiful) little girls. These cookies are adorable!


Oh mama!!! I need these cookies! Thank you for being so generous in sharing the recipe and they're so flippin' cute! Great job on the decoratin'!

Have a good, good day!


Gah! Now I'm so hungry!


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