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I wonder if you can use fat free milk? I love the FF greek yogurt. I might try try it and let you know how it goes.

Thank you so much for sharing this. :)


hi crystal,
mickie said you can use any type of milk - i specifically asked about skim - and she said it would all work. definitely let me know!


This is great! Does she have any suggestions for flavoring the yogurt? My husband and I both love vanilla flavored yogurt.


hi sarah,
i'd suggest making some vanilla sugar and sprinkling it on top of the plain yogurt, although i wonder what would happen if you introduced the vanilla into the yogurt during the process. try it and let us know!


Thanks for the tute! I usually make mine in a quart sized mason jar (with a salton yogurt maker) but am going to give the larger batch a try. My kids go through huuuuge bowls of yogurt for breakfast (maple syrup and vanilla with or without granola is a fave).


All of our organic milk around here seems to be Ultra-Pasturized, and I hear that won't work. What brand of milk did you use? I go thru 2 of the Costco sized 0% greek yogurts a week around here, so would love an alternative too.


I'll never make this! All I want to know is WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING ON TOP? That is the most yummy looking picture I have ever seen on the internet.


I absolutely adore homemade yoghurt (as do the toddler and the boyfriend), and was heartbroken when my trusty yoghurt maker got lost in our recent house move. I'm definitely going to try your method in the next couple of days, so thanks for saving us from months of store-bought while I saved up for a maker!

Oh, and I don't know if you've tried it, but if you put two layers of butter muslin in a sieve and pour the yoghurt in (don't forget to put a bowl underneath) you can strain the yoghurt and make it greek - saves a few paper napkins from the recycling bin!


hi rhonda,
we used our store-brand organic 2% milk and it is in fact ultra-pasturized - worked great!


thanks jennifer!
it's just some granola and a handful of frozen mixed berries that i warmed in a small pot on the stove. and a drizzle of honey! bet it would be delish on top of ice cream :)

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