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Love the projects and the new header!


That's really great! Thank you so much.


Great project! Thanks so much for sharing.


Lovin' all those zig-zag stitches. Perfect for the kiddos!

You wrote there was flannel in between the layers of your quilt. Is that like batting or do you mean like 'flannel pj's' flannel? If so, where do you get it? because i'd like something lighter for spring.

Tânia Ribeiro

I love the snack mat. They way you made "separated areas" for the food, the drink. Very nice ideia. Thank you :)


Love love love the tutorial! I see that pillowcase binding I had admired on your blog earlier as a quick/easy alternative to hand sewing the binding, but then I saw your hand sewn binding - Mine has never looked so good! Do you have a tute or link handy for your technique? Between you and Miss Larissa (above) I might just have the inspiration to get going on my daughter's big girl bed quilt. Thanks!


Very LOVELY! Have a good day!

love this!!


thanks, jenny!

heather bailey has a great tutorial on hand-sewing a binding on her blog. and i know what you mean about larissa - her quilts are so amazing.



hi larissa :)

i had bought some plain white cotton flannel yardageat the fabric store (for PJs, actually) and thought it would be great for the quilt. it actually turned out a bit heavier than a similarly sized one i made a while back with cotton batting. it is warm and i love the heft of it, although it wont yield the crinkly quilty look that batting will give, so its more like a blanket. either way, we like it! thanks!


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