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I do love that wool... Even when I was a kidlet I loved wools that had a combination of colours (I don't know of the proper term!!) My favourite cardy when I was 5 (in the 70s) was almost exactly the colour of your new cowl. Yummy... like blue skies and caramel mixed together.


That yarn is beautiful and thanks for the pattern! With temps quickly dropping here, I might have to make one soon.


Let it be told that it is your fault I visit my yarn store so very often... At least that's what i will tell my husband next time ;0)

Valarie Budayr

I just bought some yarn yesterday and this is the perfect pattern. I knew I felt something knitted coming on. Thanks for the beautiful cowl pattern.


A little warmer. That popped in my head. Love it!

Heather Fontenot

What a wonderful pattern, thank you for sharing. Looks like the perfect way to keep warm outdoors this winter


The perfect last-minute gift! Thanks for sharing this--looks like it could easily be made in one evening.


awesome!!! i am always looking for ways to use my handspun yarn and this looks so cosy and simple!!


I *love* this!! Great work!


I love it! (especially its morph capabilities)

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