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They look deee-licious! It's a pretty grotty day here in London, so I think I'll have to spend my afternoon giving this recipe a whirl. Thanks for sharing!


Look great! Does your peanut butter have sugar in it? I'm wondering if the muffins will be sweet enough if I use my no-sugar peanut butter.


These look fantastic. My boys love the peanut butter + chocolate combo. So...I'll give them a whirl.

Thanks for sharing!


These were the perfect thing for our snow day, today! Thanks!


so happy to hear you enjoyed them, jodanna! we have a snowy day here and just make bake another batch, too. xoxo


hope you enjoy them, elisa! xoxo


great question, teresa - ive made them with natural peanut butter (unsweetened) as well as JIF brand and both were great. they are not sweet like a cupcake - if youd prefer them sweeter you could add a bit more sugar. one time i reduced the sugar to about 1/2 cup (because we didnt have enough sugar in the house, honestly) and they came out great as well. hope you enjoy them! xoxo

Michael - Innkeeper

oh my! these look amazingly delicious.

i own a little inn and will be making these for my guest for sure!


thanks, michael. i hope you enjoy them + they are a hit with your guests! xoxo


i'm going to try these with coconut yogurt and sunbutter for my allergic kid!

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