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mama-pan | mary frances

congratulations!! these are beautiful photos--can't wait to see the fruits of your labors, at home and in the world.

anne | flax & twine

Congratulations Jennifer - welcome back. It sounds like the books have been all-absorbing and now you get to enjoy some needed R&R. This post is beautiful and I can hear in your words how present and in your shoes you already are. love your "hello" list. . . enjoy!


Congrats and I look forward to more blog posts as you slow down and re-engage here!!

bread and buttons

Hey congratulations! Hope you have a lovely and relaxing summer to look forward to.


Hello! Congratulations!!

much love,


Congratulations... I am looking forward to more blog posts. I bought "Crafting with Kids" and I love it. Cannot wait for Summer time to work with my little ones.


a deserved break, if ever there was one.

but for what it's worth? we're having a wild and wonderful time, reading, plotting, and planning our way through your book. it is SOMETHING else. merci.

Beth Lehman

wow - amazing. i have been thinking you must be up to your ears working - can't wait to find out more and see your return to this space!


Congratulations on finishing the second book. Sounds like you celebrated in style as a family. Let's continue with the ride.

liz r.

Such a heartfelt post--congratulations on completing the new manuscript, Jennifer. I wish you many happy hours enjoying other activities, and look forward to reading more blog posts!

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