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that woman has nothing positive to say about anything! i wouldn't let her comments bother you... she seems like a negative sort who gets some sort of pleasure from bringing others down... it's your room, do what you like with it!


no worries, amy - honestly, i wasnt bothered by it. i like to assume that comments (here, or on any blog for that matter) are intended to be constructive, and offer someones point of view that deserves as much consideration as does the post itself. its not about agreeing with someone, as much as it is about respecting the points of view that are offered. no one offended me in any way, it was really nice to be featured on ohdeedoh and i truly appreciated the opinions of people who made the effort to offer them.
thank you! xoxo

Katherine marie

I think it is amazing that you were able to make something positive out of something not-so-positive!!!!! I come from the old school way of thinking--- "if you don't have something nice to say.... Don't say anything at all!". Period. The only exception would be if someone specifically asks for cc! as bloggers we open ourselves to the WORLD in hopes that kindness soars, ya know?!! We are here to encourage and inspire each other! I hope that you feel ALL the LOVE, AFFECTION and ADORATION that iyou deserve!! Thanks for sharing with us all how to be a beautiful and kind blogger. XOXOXOXO!!!!

Allyson Hill

Definitely an honor to be featured on Ohdeeoh and I think you handled the criticism like a seasoned veteran! I don't think I would've even read the comments personally : ) or maybe read them with only one eye squinted - hee hee

Hey, I know for a fact that my personal style doesn't work for everyone and I'm OK with that!

By the way, I like both set ups equally and I love the blue undertones that seem to be present!


i LOVE matchy-matchy ;) but I love how you dealt with it even more.


and i love that you love matchy-matchy! plus,isnt it cool that you can shift things around and come up with so many different looks without ever spending a dime.
thanks, ingrid. xoxo


theres so much inspiration online at sites like ohdeedoh - and i think its great that they have a platform where people can weigh in with their own personal input as well. as long as everyone is being respectful, its fine by me. and even though the purpose of the post wasnt to critique the room, i put it out there - and ultimately, they nudged me to figure out a few things on my own that made the room an even more comfortable place for us. win+win!
and thanks, allyson. i think your personal style is pretty awesome, if i do say so myself. xoxo


you are so very sweet, katherine. i realize that some of those comments may have been off-topic (it was a post about the family photo wall), BUT i put it out there on a design blog, and so i am not surprised that their readers had strong opinions. as long as everyone is constructive and respectful (and i think they were), then thats fine. i loved the photo wall then and still do - but i agree some things were a bit dull in that space, and it was a bit too symmetrical for my taste, too. it made me look at what we had and reconsider arrangements and groupings, and thats a really cool thing. ultimately, i was inspired to make the space warmer and one we love even more.
maybe its naive of me (and so what if it is), but i like to believe that most people have good intentions when they comment. sometimes the delivery could use some improvement, but the message is still coming from a good place.



i love this post jennifer. You are just awesome! and I love your style as always. :)


right back at you, anna. xoxo

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