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Thanks for sharing that great public art! I think the planes might have been flying in formation. Or perhaps the smaller one was flying with the larger one as a sort of chase ship (to look it over). Also... could be air refueling?!? Those are just my random guesses. Very cool that you caught it on camera :)


I love pretty public art. We have some pretty and some I don't appreciate fully around me.

Creepy about the planes. Wouldn't it be nice to find out?


You know those planes may not be planes. They could be kites with those long bendy looking tails.


you live in my hometown. I love that. I'm a time to time reader who now lives in west africa. It's been ages since I've driven those streets, but oh how I do love them. We went to the Vineyard Church across from Hogg Middle. love that part of town. So glad I stopped by. Thanks for bringing me home.


i agree, stacy. i wonder what that was. nothing was on the news, so i suppose thats a good sign. right? xoxo


i agree, jenn. my first instinct was that they were doing practice maneuvers refueling orin formation. but then i wondered. it was a clear as a bell to the naked eye and i just stood there and stared. by the time i decided to take some proper pictures focussing on them, i couldnt make them out as they were going in and out of the clouds. thats why i was so excited this (albeit blurry) image was nestled in the fencespiration photo.



hello, hope! thank you for stopping by - wishing you and yours a wonderful journey and life in west africa. the reflections on your blog are fantastic.



Jen, those airplanes could have just been running a drill. A few months ago 2 F16s flew so low over our house I thought we were in for 911, the rerun. But it turns out they were performing a practice drill just in case the nuclear power plant near us is ever attacked. So maybe that guy was a new pilot learning how to escort the big plane in preparation for the day when he has to escort Pres. Obama around the skies in AirForce One. :)

Love the pics, esp. the paper flowers. I think I want to make something like that for my home. Wouldn't that look lovely on a guest room wall?



There is a pretty big refueling group out of Wright Patt AFB in Dayton. So could have been them. I have seen AF One fly over when I was in the DC area and it does not look like that. 9/11 has left me with my heart in my throat when I see planes behaving unexpectedly. Make something pretty and post pics so I stop thinking about it! lol!

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