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Tonya Allen

I adore these notebook covers!! I am participating in a pay it forward craft project this month, where I am to make 5 people a handmade goodie. In return, each of my 5 people have to make something for 5 other people and so forth. These notebook covers are perfect for my 5 friends! Thank you so much for the tutorial! And fingers crossed that I get picked for the yummy fabric! :)

isabel f.

hi!! this month my plans are to finish my first quilt:)) and make another to get on the couch in my living room :)).... is very cold here:)))
thanks for the giveaway
hugs from Portugal


I am going to work on library bags for my son and niece. They are both 2 1/2 and love to go to the library, so special bags are in order for that very purpose. I love these fabrics, they are so sunny and cheerful. Thanks for the awesome blog!!!


I love the notebook covers! This month I'm determined to finally finish the comforter, bedskirt and shams for my daughter's room.


Quilts. I have too many going at once.


Library bags, what a great idea! Anyway, I am planning to finish my coat this month. Or better yet, I am hoping to finish it this week, so I can start sewing spring clothing AND spring decorations. Because this house can use some colour. I need to see spring everywhere around me.

Thanks for the great giveaway!


Loving these - especially the zig zag one! Thanks for the great tutorial. This month I am looking forward to trip to Ikea when we travel for spring break!

Megan L

I have my step-dad's 50th birthday; for his present, he asked me for curtains. Black, heavy duty curtains that will keep the light out. He's such a giving, wonderful man that I just can never say no to him! So, that's my big project for this month!

Beautiful giveaway!! Thank you so much!

Marilyn Podoll

I'm going to make a "beach bag" for a birthday present. and I have been making aprons for gifts also. I love the cheery colors you used for the book cover.

Sav O'Gwynn

ACK--your notebooks look totally awesome compared to mine! I am totally going to look at your tutorial again this weekend! I LOVE YOUR STYLE:) This month--I plan on trying to get "ahead"...I'm so far behind already that I am not sure I will make much of a dent in my list of things to do--but hopefully I will be able to check some things off:) I am also going to help my husband with his recording studio--we had one in our other house and then we bought another now we have to RECREATE it! AHHH!

Thanks again for the tutorial and giveaway:) YOU ROCK:)

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