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What a sweet pattern, and a lovely idea!


Wow...that is beautiful! I'm totally in awe of your knitting and pattern making skills, as well as the sentiment behind this piece. It's wonderful. What a fabulous item to put out into the world. I'll be linking. This post also makes me want to head outside and tun until I have to pull off a layer or two. That was so much fun. =)


I love this idea and I love the pattern, I hope I can get one made for my girlies!

Casa Pinka

I just put a comment on this on Ravelry and now I see that it is your own design and you are doing a Neighborly project with it! I just LOVE this idea. I'll definitely take part and you should start a Neighborly group at some point. How fun would that be?


a lovely design and lovely thoughts behind it. thank you for your generosity.


That is a beautiful piece, and a great way to spread some love.


Jennifer, thanks for this lovely new pattern!

This is just the thing for some local charities, and even one of my less-local charities, the Santa Train that runs through the Appalachian mountains.

Anne Marie

I have fallen in love with this pattern. And I love your idea of neighborly!


Thank you so much for working to spread such generosity. I hope to make this pattern for gifts and one to donate. It will be interesting to see how this project sprouts and grows now that you've sent it forth in the world!


beautiful pattern! thanks so much for sharing - what a great way to start the new season.

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